A roguelike where your only weapon at hand is a fishing rod

You are a brave fisherman — more like a fisher-lad — too brave for his own good. You had the foolhardy idea to venture into the sewers to catch the giant fish rumored to lurk within. But with one careless slip, you fell into the dark depths.

You find yourself in the Deep Undersewer, an ancient cave system forgotten by many.

Classic roguelike gameplay with the twist of being able to lure enemies toward your bait instead of you. Attack them while they're eating for a critical hit! Explore the caves to find magic lures that provide unique game-changing abilities. Make your way to the surface to win!

  • WASD/Arrows/HJKL to move
  • Space to wait
  • C to cast
  • Number keys to activate magic lures

If you don't want to discover the gameplay yourself, read on:

This plays like a typical roguelike. You move; enemies move; repeat. Move into an enemy to attack it. But you won't last long without a fishing strategy:

You can press C to target your fishing rod, and press C again to cast out some bait. Enemies will go for the bait if it's a more appealing target than you. You may even attract enemies from afar with a well-placed bait. When they begin eating the bait, you have a short time to attack them without retaliation.

Your bait supply is limited, but you can find more. It's worth exploring the caves, but tread carefully. Be wary of every pool of water, as dangers may lurk within, and you can't attack while swimming. Use bait to draw out potential threats from unseen areas.

If you're lucky, you may discover magic lures. These are unique items that provide unique game-changing abilities. When you find one, activate it and try it out to see what it does!

Some water tiles have reeds on them, which you can't see through, but you can attack while on them. Spotting danger from afar is critical for your survival, but the creatures in this cave can sense and track you in other ways...

Pay attention to the way each creature type behaves! Some are faster on land than water, and vice versa. Most will lunge at you if you're lined up with them, so try to zig-zag if you're fleeing!

Created in 7 days by Devin Spikowski for 7DRL 2022

GitHub: https://github.com/vegeta897/7drl-2022

Libraries used: PixiJS, bitECS, rot.js


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I love the visual style! It took me a few tries to figure out how it's meant to work. The concept is very cute. Very cool :)

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Thank you! I’m pretty happy with the style too, though it took me a lot of scrapped spritework before trying out a very limited color palette.

I just added an overview of the game’s mechanics to the page description, if it helps!


Ha! this game is pretty cute. Took a bit to figure out the mechanics.. but once I did, I had a fun time.

Great color scheme and graphics, among other things :D

Thank you so much! I hope most people will be able to figure it out like you did.

I’m glad it was charming!